About This Site

This site was written using nanoc. nanoc3 is a Ruby-based static site generator which compiles the site into pure HTML. It does not require Javascript thus keeping it light and simple. Even better: It does not require database or fancy scripting engine to view the pages. Yay.

Moreover, nanoc provides Markdown, and Haml markups as well as Sass meta language saving one’s sanity during the design process allowing one to focus on writting, rather than constant dinking with theme this, plugin that.

After all is said and done, this site does indeed use Javascript for various purposes.

About nanoc3_blog Starter Kit

Mario Gutierrez, a.k.a. mgutz, shared his nanoc3 blog on github which made my life infinitely easier building this site. Source for nanoc3_blog is available from his github repository. It is provided under the FreeBSD License.

nanoc3_blog features:

With nanoc3_blog and few other additions, I was able to build this to my liking in reasonable amount of time.


Thanks to everyone in the nanoc group and to Mario Gutierrez for his fantastic startup blog which guided me in building this site.

Thanks to Denis Defreyne, author of nanoc.